Fargo 1.27

Trashcan icon in arrowpad

Chuck Shotton noticed there's no way to delete stuff in the arrowpad interface. Now there is.

But be careful cause you need a keyboard to undo. Still need to figure that out.

Screen shot of the new feature.

An internal "virtual" keyboard

This change has no user interface at this time, but if it works it will get one.

The keyboard in Fargo is now virtualized. This means that there's a layer between the physical keyboard presented by JavaScript and the one used by the outliner. So we should be able to make this something the user can modify.

If it works here, I'll also add it to the Concord open source release.

Coders who want to see what the key definitions are, have a look in this JavaScript file.

Also, not all the mappings are done yet, there are keystrokes that are caught at a higher level, in the Fargo app, not in Concord. They have to be accounted for as well.

Posted: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 14:27:21 GMT