Fargo 1.25

Cmd-keystrokes for Expand and Collapse

An oversight, there should have been keystrokes for Expand and Collapse.

These keystrokes go all the way back to ThinkTank for the Apple II, circa 1981 or so. Pretty ancient stuff.

Cmd-comma expands and cmd-period collapses.

The mnemonic for this is that the symbol over the comma is < which looks a bit like expanding. And > looks like collapsing (even though the meaning of the characters is opposite).

As a bonus, inherited from Frontier, cmd-shift-comma toggles expand and collapse state of the bar cursor headline

Experimental feature: The Arrow Pad

The arrow pad is designed to make reorganizing and navigating in an outline easy on a tablet like the iPad.

It's not finished, there's still tweaking to be done, but I wanted to get an idea of how it works for people before going further.

To access the arrow pad, choose the command from the Outliner menu.

Screen shot below.

A picture named arrowPad.gif

There are two buttons and four arrows.

The leftmost button says either Navigate or Reorg.

If it says Navigate, the arrows move the cursor.

If it says Reorg, the arrows reorganize the outline.

The arrows move in the indicated direction, when you click them.

They are only enabled if movement in the indicated direction is possible. They are structural, so left moves to the parent when navigating, or moves the bar cursor outline out a level in

The rightmost button says either Expand or Collapse.

The setting depends on whether the cursor is on a headline that is expanded or collapsed, and it says what the button will do if you click on it.

When you're in text mode in the outline, the arrow pad automatically goes into Reorg mode.

Posted: Mon, 09 Sep 2013 15:25:27 GMT