Fargo 1.19

Fixed a bug in Find again, where it would always loop back to the top in certain circumstances. The error was ridiculous, and I went looking in the wrong direction for it, so it took a lot longer than it should have to fix. Still learning how to do this programming thing.

One caveat, the way Fargo tells when it's reached the cursor headline is by looking at the created attribute on headlines as it's searching. If the cursor headline does not have a created attribute, we add one. Under normal circumstances it's put there automatically by Fargo as you enter text into your outline, however if you copy/paste from another outliner into Fargo, or import via OPML, it's possible headlines won't have this attribute.

It's possible if you have two headlines with exactly the same created attribute that the Find command could get confused.

Posted: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 17:22:20 GMT