Fargo 1.17 -- Find and Find again

Find and Find-again

This feature has been waiting until we could figure out how to capture Cmd-F and Cmd-G, instead of having them be caught by the browser.

Perhaps now we have a way to do that. I'm using a package called keypress.js. It works on my machine, Chrome on the Mac.

So for this release the question is this -- when you press Cmd-F (or Control-F on Windows or Unix) do you get a dialog asking for a string to search for?

When you press Cmd-G does it do another search from the cursor position?

Thanks to Tal Safran for the clues.


There may be issues in some browsers with the keystroke invocations, if so, use the menu commands.

Works well in Chrome and Safari, not so great in Firefox..

Find command documented

The docs are in the Using Fargo section.


I moved all the files that were outside of outliner.smallpicture.com into that bucket. It's neater and cleaner to have all the stuff in one place. There might still be a few stray files, I'm going to keep an eye out for them and move them as well.

Posted: Wed, 04 Sep 2013 14:57:03 GMT