Trex 1.09 & Fargo 1.16

The <%byline%> macro in previous versions included a timestamp.

I think this was a mistake. The byline should just contain the author's name, linked to the author's website, as provided in the OPML file.

There was another problem. The link we used in building the byline is the link to the home page of the outline being edited. In Fargo, however, we have a better value, the profile URL value on the You tab of Settings. Prior to Fargo 1.16, however, this was not being saved to the OPML file. Now it is, in a new head element, <ownerProfile>. This value is available as a Trex macro as <%opmlOwnerProfile%>.

I updated the list of macros to include the new opmlOwnerProfile macro.

Posted: Tue, 03 Sep 2013 17:01:10 GMT