Trex 1.08

1. There was a bug in the way flCommentsVisible att was implemented such that comments were always visible no matter how the attribute was set. Now we respect the attribute.

2. The <%breadcrumbs%> macro always had a white background. This is not good. It shouldn't specify the background at all. The background-color style was removed.

3. I added a breadcrumb trail to the default outline template, but it's hidden with a height of 0 by default. I've turned it on in the site with a bit of JavaScript that runs when the page loads. Having the crumb trails makes the docs site work a lot better, since things get pretty deeply nested and it helps to see what the context is when you arrive at a page through a deep link.

4. The next version of the index type template will have a breadcrumb trail in it, implemented the same way. A bit of JS in the page can make it visible if your site needs a crumb trail. I believe most sites do not. But a large structured site like the Fargo Doc site definitely needs it.

5. The first item in the breadcrumb trail is always Home. This makes it clear to the reader what the crumb trail is. It's especially confusing with first-level items, if the first item is the same as the menu title. It's just a word, hanging out there all on its own. If the word is Home, people have a chance of understanding what's going on.

Posted: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 17:39:38 GMT