Fargo 1.10 -- naming is more reliable

We've had reports that the eye icon -- -- doesn't show up after someone goes through the outline naming process. So I'm doing a review of the code, and changing the sequence in which things are done to make the command more reliable.

New defensive driving techniques

1. If the user switches tabs while the outline is being named, we now apply the name to the correct outline.

2. If the server returns the name undefined, we put up an error dialog and the outline is not named. Previously we would go ahead and set the link to http://undefined/ with predictably bad results.

3. We get the public URL for the outline before displaying the dialog. So we know before-hand that it worked. It's possible this is where it's failing for people. Previously it was done as the first step after the user clicks on OK or presses Return.

4. We explicitly refresh the display of the icon chain after allocating the name.

What it means that the eye didn't show up

If you look in the OPML for an outline with a name, you'll see a <link> element in the head section of the document.

The link element points to the home page of the outline when viewed through the web.

If the outline's name is blue, the link is http://blue.smallpict.com/.

Simply, if the link element is there the eye icon will show up, and if it's not there, it's because there is no link element in the OPML file.

Posted: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 21:57:52 GMT