Fargo 1.09

Deployed the new docs site

The Fargo and Trex docs and worknotes have been Fargoized. This means they are no longer managed in the OPML Editor. Part of the growing-up process for our new JavaScript world. In most ways it's equal to the old way of doing things, and in other ways it's even better.

All the docs are on this site: docs.fargo.io.

The blog has moved there (you're reading it now) and the RSS feed. Redirects should be in place so that no URLs break. If you find breakage, please report it in a comment or an email to the smallpicture-web list.

The links to docs in Fargo itself have been changed to point to their new locations.

If you want to look at the site in Fargo, choose Open by name in the File menu and enter howto.

Two Trex issues

In doing this project I found two problems in Trex that I was unable at this time to fix. My Trex skills are not up to the level of my Fargo/Concord skills.

1. The archive type can't find your calendar structure unless it's at the top level of the outline. So I'm editing the Archive menu by hand.

2. Redirect nodetypes should be more powerful. If the walk goes through a redirect node, the page we redirect to should have the remaining path added to the end. This way one redirect node can work for an entire site. My workaround was to use a tool in the OPML Editor to do the redirect.

Observation: The reason Trex programming is so hard is that there is no ability to step through the code as it's running. If you're learning it, as I am, having the ability to watch it run makes a huge difference. Also makes it hard to fix problems. It's been many many years since I've not been able to step through code as it's running.

Cleaned-up after previous fix

In the last update, after closing the Edit Attributes dialog, we made sure that the visible display of comments agreed with the state of the isComment attribute. But we introduced a side-effect that caused an isComment attribute to be added that the user didn't add. While this didn't change the way the outline worked, it was annoying.

The fix was to only set the display of comments, not the attribute, if the attribute was undefined.

Posted: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 07:51:04 GMT