Working on Fargo's docs

Of course I want to use Fargo to document Fargo.

My dream has been to have a complete outline with all the docs in one place, and when new features come online, shortly after they're released, they'll be documented alongside all the other docs.

A new Fargo user should be able to look at the menus, or the icons, and if they wonder how they work or what they do, the explanation should be a few easy clicks away.

The work is coming along well, I think -- a testament to how good Fargo is at writing and publishing docs. It is very good, the best documentation system I've ever used. And maybe good enough to achieve the dream, which I've had for quite a long time.

This is where the work is happening, although that's probably not the final URL for it..

What's there so far is a very lightly edited version of what is in the Outliner Howto and Fargo Docs. The next document to incorporate are the Trex docs.

BTW, you can keep up with the new stuff now with our feed:


Posted: Sat, 03 Aug 2013 21:02:30 GMT