Fargo 1.00

1.00 ==> nothing special

In the version numbering system we use, 1.00 means nothing special. It's just a serial number. It's no more earth shaking than 0.99 or 1.01. That said, I did try to do something special for this release, knowing that it would have this number.

New command in File menu

There's a new Outline settings command in the File menu that replaces the Set titles command. If you recall, the old command launched a dialog that allows you to set the short and long titles of an outline, as well as its description. These values are available when the outline is rendering through macros.

The Outline settings command brings up a tabbed dialog. The first panel of that dialog is a replica of the dialog in Set titles, and does exactly the same thing. There's a second panel that lets you change the font, size and line height on a per-outline basis. I found that when I was editing code in menubar.opml, I wanted to use a different font from the one I use to edit blog posts.

If you leave the font, size and line height blank, the defaults, set in the main settings dialog, will rule. (The main settings dialog is located in the System menu, the menu that's under your Dropbox username in the right edge of the menu bar.)

Now each outline can have its own font, size and lineheight.

And there's lots of room to add new per-outline settings, should the need arise.

Screen shot.

Posted: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 11:59:09 GMT