Fargo 0.99

New link for the worknotes site

There's a link to the Worknotes site in the Docs menu.

Since the site has moved, the menu item now links to the new location.

Feed for worknotes

It's also worth mentioning that because we're using Fargo to manage the worknotes, there's now a feed that you can subscribe to:

And because this all is in one place now we can have technotes too, and they will show up in the feed as well.

Fix for the Home icon

Previously, the home icon (in the left margin) took you to the web view of the named outline. For example, if your outline was named george, the home button would take you to george.smallpict.com. This is usually the right answer.

However, if you've used the domain attribute to map to a different domain, the web view of the named outline is probably not where you want to go, if your cursor is nested inside the headline with the domain attribute.

So starting in 0.99, we first check to see if you're inside a domain attributed headline, and if so, we go there.

New verb: op.getCursorUrl

As its name implies, it returns the URL for the cursor, if it has one, otherwise it returns undefined.

If the headline is within a page, we return the URL for the page, by shooting out to the summit looking for a node with a type attribute. When we find one, we return its URL. So it's not a precise verb.

It's good for building redirects, static indices, stuff like that.

Posted: Wed, 31 Jul 2013 13:52:51 GMT