Fargo 0.98

Shift-click on Eye icon

If you want to get the URL of a page without having to go to the page, shift-click on the Eye icon in the left margin. A dialog will appear that contains the URL. You can copy it to the clipboard there. Saves a couple of steps.

New img attribute

You could, before 0.98, include an image in a Fargo blog post by adding HTML to the text of the post.

Now it's a bit simpler.

1. Get the URL of your image on the clipboard. If you don't have one handy, use this one.

2. In Fargo, put the bar cursor on the headline that you want to attach the image to. The image will appear in the right margin of the post at the start of this headline.

Note: The img attribute must appear on a line within the post, not on the title headline of the post.

3. Click on the suitcase icon in the left margin.

4. Add a new attribute by clicking the + button. It's name is img, the value is the URL you have on the clipboard.

5. Click OK.

When you view the outline in a web page, the image will appear in the right margin. It will also appear in the RSS feed.

New settings, RSS features

There are a couple of new entries on the You panel in the Fargo Settings dialog, for your Twitter and Facebook usernames.

If you enter values for these entries, we will generate new elements in your RSS feeds that contain this information.

This is an experiment. We're adding these features in the hope that other developers will use the information to add features to their products. Then we'll add some more stuff, and others will too, and hopefully RSS will improve and become more useful. It's been quite a while since people worked together on improving RSS.

Viewing commented pages

When you click the eye icon to view a page, we now check to see if it's commented. If it is, instead of taking you to the page, which will show up 404 not found, we ask if you'd like to uncomment it. Then you can click the eye icon again, after waiting a few seconds for the outline to save, and for the CMS to notice the change.

Creating commented headlines with + icon

In previous versions the headlines would be commented, but they weren't visibly commented. Now they are.


As we're getting close to 1.0, I wanted to offer a few observations on where we're at and how it's going.

Posted: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 22:02:15 GMT