Fargo 0.97

Home icon in left sidebar

Suppose you're editing a named outline and you want to quickly view the home page of the site. There's actually no UI for in prior to 0.97. You have to type the URL in the browser's address bar. This won't do!

Now the Home icon shows up in the left sidebar whenever the eye icon does.

Click on it to view the home page of the side in a new tab/window.

New command in Outliner menu

A new Outliner menu command toggles between Render and Non-render mode. The single keystroke is Cmd-`.

In render mode HTML entities are seen as they would be seen in a web page rendering of the content. This is possible because Fargo runs in the browser, which of course, naturally renders things as HTML.

In non-render mode, the entities appear unrendered. So in image would show up in non-render mode as an <img> tag.

This command worked in earlier versions of Fargo and Little Outliner, but it wasn't present in a menu, so was harder to discover.

A screen shot of an outline in render mode, and a screen shot of the same outline in non-render mode.

File menu changes

Removed two commands from the File menu, View in Reader and Save as Markdown.

Added these back as new scripting verbs, file.viewCurrentFileInReader () and file.saveCurrentFileAsMarkdown ().

If you were depending on these commands, you can add them back menubar.opml.

The reason for removing them is that there are now better ways to read content created in Fargo, using the web content management system. Having these commands in the menus were confusing for some users.

See: Intro to Fargo Scripting.

Posted: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 18:24:48 GMT