Fargo 0.90

The equivalent of draft mode

New setting in the Insert panel, allows you to tell Fargo to create new items with the + icon as comments. Comments will not be rendered by Trex, and will not appear in your RSS feed. This is useful if you're creating posts and don't want them to be viewed until they're finished.

The workflow:

1. Click + to create a new post.

2. Edit your post until you're happy with it.

3. Put the cursor on the top head in the post.

4. Choose Toggle Comment in the Outline menu.

When the outline is next saved the new item will then appear on the site, and will be included in the RSS feed.

Screen shot.

Redundant setting

Removed the Autosave pref from the Advanced panel in Settings. There is a panel just for Autosave, so the setting was redundant.

Posted: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 13:55:11 GMT