Fargo 0.86

New entries in the Docs menu

You can get to the Presentation and Blog post howtos from the Docs menu.

The eye icon is a little smarter

Suppose you're editing in a named outline, inside a presentation or a blog post. The cursor is on one of the subs, not on the top headline.

Previously, if you clicked on the eye icon, it would erroneously take you to a rendering of the headline you are on.

Now it shows you the post or presentation.

Saves you from having to move the cursor just to view the document.

Fixed a bug in encoding RSS descriptions

The text of the description element in each item was double-encoded, so when you viewed it in a feed reader, you'd see the markup instead of the effects of the markup.

Excessive saving bug

In certain circumstances Fargo would save an outline on each change as many as 20 times. You would experience this as a sluggishness in the Save button in the right margin. Dropbox would experience an excessive amount of traffic for each save.

The problem was that we were setting the <link> element in the OPML <head> section every time we saved the RSS. This would mark the outline as changed, which would force another save, marking the outline dirty, and around the loop we go. Since the saving happens asynchronously, eventually there would be a moment when the outline was not changed and it would stop the cascade. Now that it's fixed you get one save per change, and one build of the RSS feed. Whew!

The contents of the right sidebar is fixed

It doesn't scroll as you navigate down through the outline.

This is as it always should have been.

Posted: Sun, 30 Jun 2013 12:41:02 GMT