Trex 0.94

New demo site

We've started a new demo site, just for the purpose of illustrating Fargo features.

It's Kim Parker's site, newly hired senior evangelist at Bloatware. She just got started with Fargo, and is using it to communicate with customers, the press and her colleagues at Bloatware.

You can always see how she's doing it with the Open by name command in the File menu. Enter kim and click OK.

Menus have menus

Bootstrap themes

Thanks to Angelo for pointing us to the Bootswatch site and their incredible Bootstrap themes. This led to a new feature in Trex.

Each of the themes on Bootswatch has a name, like flatly, readable or united.

You can apply one of these themes to your Fargo site with the #bootstrapTheme attribute.

#bootstrapTheme "readable"

You can also provide the full URL to the theme:

#bootstrapTheme ""

We substitute the bootstrap.css file with the CSS file specified by the bootstrapTheme att. In a sense, the original Bootstrap CSS file is just the default theme.

Because you can put a URL in place of the name, you can use CSS files that you create yourself or get from others. A place for shared creativity.

The numbering rule

The new numbering rule allows you to put symbols, numbers or letters, in front of outline entries when they're rendered.

There are several possible values: decimal, roman, alpha, harvard.

decimal puts numbers, 1, 2, 3 etc in front of items.

romanUppercase puts Roman numerals in front of items: I, II, III, etc.

romanLowercase uses lowercase versions, i, ii, iii.

alphaUppercase puts alphabetic characters in front of items: A, B, C.

alphaLowercase puts alphabetic characters in front of items: a, b, c.

harvard uses the Harvard outline conventions.

Demos of the numbering rule are on the helloworld site.

Comments in templates

In previous versions comments would pass through Trex to the page. Now they are stripped before rendering, as comments should be.

Posted: Wed, 26 Jun 2013 12:01:25 GMT