Fargo 0.81 loves RSS

You can now use Fargo to post items to an RSS feed.

Every outline has a feed, but the feed is only public for named outlines.

The feeds are created in a new sub-folder of the Fargo folder called rss.

You can access the feed through the named outline at /rss.xml.

For example, my feed is at http://dave.smallpict.com/rss.xml.

To add an item to the feed, click the + icon in the left margin. The main headline is the title of the item. The subtext forms the RSS item description.

If you don't want the + icon to create feed items, you can turn this feature off in the Insert panel of Settings. Screen shot.

You can cause any headline to be part of the feed by adding an isFeedItem attribute with the value true.

PS: My feed is valid.

Posted: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 17:02:36 GMT