Fargo 0.77

More improvements to the + icon

A new Settings panel, Insert, lets you change the level of insertion and determines the type of headline it creates.

Screen shot of the new panel.

If you choose to create one note per day, then when you click on the + icon, Fargo will navigate to the headline for today, creating it if it doesn't exist. It creates a new empty headline just below, enters text mode, so you can start typing.

If you don't choose one note per day, we create a new entry with the current time every time you click the + icon. This is the way it worked before version 0.77.

We added this option because we felt that for some people one note per day was enough.

You can also enter the name of a type that will be automatically assigned to each new item it creates. If you're in one-note-per-day mode, the type will be put on each day. Otherwise the type will be attatched to each time entry.

The default value of this setting is outline. If you don't have a strong reason to change it, we recommend that you don't.

This feature is here to connect with the new server software we're working on.

Posted: Thu, 06 Jun 2013 20:21:16 GMT