Fargo 0.75

This release improves the big + icon at the top of the left sidebar.

Recall that it adds a new headline to a calendar-structured outline. At the top level is the year, below that the month, then the day, then a time stamp, and then a place to add your notes. Here's a screen shot.

If you use the + icon to add to your outline you'll get a neat structure organized in reverse chronologic order, much like a weblog.

What's new

1. You can now place the calendar anywhere at the top level of your outline. It no longer has to be the first item, but it must be at the top level.

2. The first time you add an item to the calendar with 0.75, we'll add a type attribute to the year with the value calendar, but only if it doesn't already have a type.

3. The icon for the calendar type is, of course, a calendar.

How to try it out

To try it out, if you have a calendar in one of your outlines, move it, and try adding an item. It should find the calendar in its new location.

Posted: Mon, 03 Jun 2013 12:06:31 GMT