Fargo 0.71

Lots of little chotchkas in this release.

Heart menu

We use a lot of toolkits provided by some very generous developers and designers. The heart menu is where we thank them for their generosity. Screen shot.

It's divided into three sections:

1. Tools that we use in the workstation software, Fargo and Little Outliner,

2. Tools that we use in our server software,

3. Technologies we use everywhere.

Suitcase icon

There's a new icon in the left sidebar, the suitcase. Screen shot.

When you click it, the Edit Attributes dialog opens.

By popular demand, from the best users in the universe!

Save button hidden

The Save button which was new in Fargo 0.65 would be visible even when viewing read-only outlines.

Now it is only visible on outlines that you can edit.

Fix in Set Name command

If you try to set the name of a new outline that did not have a title, before we assign the name, we set the title to the name you chose.

A few users set the name of the first outline they created in their first use of Fargo. When the outline got a title, we automatically change the name of the file from untitled.opml to title.opml. This would break their named outline.

Posted: Wed, 29 May 2013 19:07:22 GMT