Fargo 0.66 -- Bookmarks

Watched outlines

A bit of terminology.

There are two kinds of outlines in Fargo.

1. Editable outlines.

2. Watched outlines.

Editable outlines live in the Fargo sub-folder of your Dropbox Apps folder. Open them with the File/Open command.

Watched outlines live elsewhere. You can open them in read-only mode via the Open By URL command, also in the File menu. When they update, your view of them updates. Until now you had to keep the URLs of these outlines somewhere else, or leave the tabs open all the time.

Bookmarks menu

The Bookmarks menu is for watched outlines.

It behaves more or less like the Bookmarks menu in a web browser. When you have opened an outline that you want to remember, choose Add Bookmark from the Bookmarks menu. A dialog appears asking what you want to call the bookmark. We suggest the title of the outline (or the long title if it has one).

When you choose Edit Bookmarks, a new tab opens with the contents of the menu in an outline. You can edit the bookmarks there. The menu contains link nodes. You can change the text, or the URLs associated with the items, and reorganize the menu in any way you like.

Only the top level headlines are included in the Bookmarks menu.

Changes in the Icon Chooser

The OK button changes to Close, to more accurately indicate what it does.

We added a link to the wonderful Font Awesome github repo in the dialog.

We open sourced our dialog, so other people may include the Icon Chooser in their apps. It's licensed under the GPL.

Posted: Tue, 21 May 2013 17:28:04 GMT