Fargo 0.65 -- Icon Chooser + Save Button

Icon Chooser dialog

There's a new Choose Icon command in the Outliner menu. It brings up a dialog with several tabs. In each tab are 35 awesome icons. Screen shot.

Click on one of the icons to set the icon of the bar cursor headline.

Click Close to dismiss the dialog without setting an icon.

Save Button

There's a new Save button in the right sidebar.

It has two states:

1. The outline in the active tab has changes. In this case the button says SAVE and is enabled.

2. The outline has not been changed, then the button says SAVED and is disabled.

This way you can see at a glance if your outline needs to be saved, whether or not you have AutoSave turned on.

We hope, with this change, to prevent some data loss for users.

Posted: Mon, 20 May 2013 20:22:37 GMT