Fargo 0.64

New commands

There are two new commands in Fargo's Outliner menu.

Add Include prompts for a URL and turns the bar cursor headline into an include node. The URL must point to an OPML file, though the command does not verify this.

Add Feed turns the bar cursor headline into a node of type rss. A collection of these nodes forms a standard OPML subscription list. The URL should point to a feed, in RSS or Atom formats. Again, no attempt is made by Fargo to verify the format of the file being pointed to.


The internal clipboard now remembers outline attributes. So when you copy within an outline, or between two outlines in different tabs, the attributes are now preserved.

Troubleshooting link

Added a Troubleshooting link in the right sidebar and in the Docs menu.

Posted: Fri, 17 May 2013 12:24:33 GMT