Fargo 0.62 -- Open by URL

One new command in this release, Open by URL, in the File menu in Fargo.

It prompts for the address of an OPML file. The file opens in a new read-only tab. If the file changes, the tab display updates to reflect the change. It's like having a Reader tab inside Fargo. With this you can cook your own group of "Instant Outline" collaborators.

You could, for example, watch the updates to the Small Picture users' directory, which is an OPML file, using this command.

It's a deceptively small feature. It opens up a pretty large new set of applications for Fargo.

BTW, here's a great piece about Instant Outlining, written by Hutch Carpenter in 2009. That's what the Open by URL command enables. This has been an elusive goal for many years. We had I/O running at UserLand in 2001 when we were developing Radio. That's why we were able to get such an ambitious project done with a team that was spread out geographically. With Fargo, it seems we may have I/O in a package that can be used by a lot more people.

Posted: Wed, 15 May 2013 17:09:01 GMT