Fargo 0.59 -- Community Feed

The Community Feed is an outline that any user of Fargo can post to when there's an idea they want to share with people who are listening.

Who is listening? What does it mean? How will we use it?

These are, at this time, unknowns.

Posting to the feed

When you have an item you want to share with the community, put the cursor on it, and click in the new Feed icon in the icon chain.

A confirmation dialog appears, making sure you want to add the item to the community feed.

When it's done, you'll hear a beep sound.

Editing an item

If you edit your item and want to update it in the feed, put the cursor on the top headline and click the Feed icon again. It automatically updates the Community Feed with your changes. No confirmation this time. When it's done, it beeps.

Watching the feed

There's a new command in the Docs menu, probably just a temporary home, called Community Feed.

When you choose it a new tab opens displaying the contents of the Community Feed.

When it updates its icon will change to a lightning bolt. When you select the tab, the icon changes to what it was before. That's how you can tell that it updated.

Video demo

Here's the video on YouTube.


Where's the feed?

It's just an OPML file, of course.


Posted: Wed, 08 May 2013 04:00:00 GMT