Fargo 0.53

Control over how often autosave happens

It's possible if you're typing for a long time to cause more updates more frequently than Dropbox allows.

There is a workaround -- if you pause for a minute without typing, the condition clears.

We added a new pair of settings, in the Auto-save panel, that gives you control over how frequently Fargo saves.

1. A new checkbox allows you to turn off auto-save. If it's off you must remember to save using the Save command in the File menu.

2. A new setting determines the minimum number of seconds between saves. If you're saving too often for Dropbox, try increasing this number to 15 or 20. That should cut down the number of saves. No matter how often you pause it will never save more often than this number of seconds.

Screen shot.

New Docs menu

The iPad version doesn't have the right sidebar, so there were no links to docs for users.

I also added links to the Worknotes site, the mail list, and a page showing all the Font-awesome icons.

Eye icon fix

When you save a WordPress post the first time, the eye icon wouldn't display. Now it does.

Note: the WordPress feature is in testing. We expect to release it publicly in 0.54 or 0.55.

Fixed cribsheet

There was a change at the top level of Fargo that set the margin-top of .bs-docs-grid .row-fluid to 50px.

This added a 50px margin to the cribsheet too.

I fixed it so that the change only applied to the top level grid, and the cribsheet looks good again.

Also verified that the tablet version works as well.

Posted: Wed, 01 May 2013 15:19:50 GMT