Fargo 0.52 -- Tablet UI

We've known, since starting work on Fargo last year, that the outliner had to work great on all devices. When we hooked it up to Dropbox the need became even more apparent. The same outlines that we work on on our Macs and PCs had to work well on iPads and Androids.

A bit at a time

So this is how we're approaching it. A little bit at a time. We solve a few problems, make it work a little better, come back later, and make it work a better. Eventually we figure it out.

The reason this is the best approach is that while we had excellent prior art for desktop outliners dating back almost 30 years, there isn't any good prior art for mobile device outliners. So we want to go slowly so we make better design choices.

Today, with Fargo 0.52, we're shipping the first iteration of mobile support. In this release we smooth out the interface on tablets. Following is a list of changes.

General note

The changes below only apply when Fargo is running on a tablet device.

The functionality in other environments is unchanged.


When you double-click, the event was intercepted by the system, and it would cause the text to zoom in.

Now, when you double-click, it expands the headline the bar cursor is pointing to.

Landscape and portrait

When you switch from landscape to portrait or the other way around, Fargo correctly adjusts the outline display.

Tapping wedges

Tapping on headline wedges has been made easier. The tappable area is larger for the iPad.

Single-tap on a wedge

You can tap once on a wedge to expand, tap again to collapse.


Use the Outliner menu to reorg the outline. No change.


Posted: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 13:55:24 GMT