Fargo 0.48 -- View in Reader

The big change in 0.48 is the introduction of Small Picture Reader.

It's a separate app, in a web page, as with all our apps, that is used to read outlines, the same way Readability is used to read web pages.

To use it

1. Prepare an outline in Fargo that you want to share.

2. When you're ready, choose View in Reader in the File menu.

3. Reader should open, with your outline displayed.

4. You can then send the URL of that page to friends or colleagues, or use the Tweet icon in the left margin to send it to your Twitter followers.

Tips for readers

Reader is always checking to see if your outline has updated, and when it does, it automatically displays the updated outline. This can be disturbing if you're reading an outline, you can lose your place.

If this bothers you, click the lock icon in the left margin. Reader will hold on to any updates, and only show them when you unlock it. When there are changes the lock icon will change from gray to green.


Here's an example of an outline from Fargo being viewed in Reader.

Posted: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 16:59:46 GMT