Fargo 0.14

Workflowy is a browser-based outliner that a number of Little Outliner users like, and naturally they want to move ideas into and out of both products. It would be easier if they supported OPML import and export, like our outliners do, but they don't at this time.

So we added a feature in the Small Picture outliner that handles Workflowy's export format. So you should be able to paste outlines that you export from Workflowy into Fargo and (later today) Little Outliner.


1. In Workflowy, get the section of the outline that you want to export on screen.

2. Hover with the mouse just to the left of the main headline and nudge the mouse down to reveal the full menu, and click on the Export command. (Screen shot.)

3. A dialog appears containing the exported text. Be sure to click on the Plain text option. (Screen shot.)

4. Copy all the text, then go to Fargo (or Little Outliner, later today). Position the cursor where you want to paste the text, and Paste. (Screen shot.)

Posted: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 17:19:02 GMT