Fargo 0.12

The main visible change in 0.12 is the display of attribute values in the right sidebar.

How to turn this on:

1. Choose Preferences from the File menu.

2. Click on the Advanced tab.

3. Check the box to display attributes in the right sidebar. (Screen shot.)

4. Click OK.

Now as you move the cursor through the outline, you will see the attributes of any headline that has them.

Note: Since every headline has a "created" attribute, we don't display it. And any attribute that's longer than 10 characters is truncated to 10 (just for display of course). URLs can be very long, and there's limited space in the right sidebar.

If you want an outline to look at that has headlines with lots of attributes, here's my Movies subscription list. Download it, and copy it into your smallPicture sub-folder on Dropbox and open it in Fargo.

Posted: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 16:06:43 GMT